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Job 36:15-17 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

15 He shall deliver a poor man from his anguish; and he shall open his ear in tribulation. (He shall rescue the poor from their anguish; and he shall use tribulation to open their eyes.)

16 Therefore he shall save thee from the strait mouth of the broadest tribulation, and not having a foundament under it; and the rest of thy table shall be full of fatness. (And so he hath saved thee out of the strait, or the narrow, and into the broad, where there was no tribulation; and thy table was covered with food.)

17 Thy cause is deemed as the cause of a wicked man; and thou shalt receive thy cause and thy doom. (But now thy case is judged like the case of the wicked; and for that thou shalt receive thy judgement and thy punishment.)


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