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23 For the calamity from God was a terror to me,[a]
and by reason of his majesty[b] I was powerless.
24 “If I have put my confidence in gold

or said to pure gold,
‘You are my security!’
25 if I have rejoiced because of the extent of my wealth,
or because of the great wealth my hand had gained,

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  1. Job 31:23 tc The LXX has “For the terror of God restrained me.” Several commentators changed it to “came upon me.” Driver had “The fear of God was burdensome.” I. Eitan suggested “The terror of God was mighty upon me” (“Two unknown verbs: etymological studies,” JBL 42 [1923]: 22-28). But the MT makes clear sense as it stands.
  2. Job 31:23 tn The form is וּמִשְּׂאֵתוֹ (umisseʾeto); the preposition is causal. The form, from the verb נָשָׂא (nasaʾ, “to raise; to lift high”), refers to God’s exalted person, his majesty (see Job 13:11).

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