11 Because that God hath loosed my [a]cord and humbled me, [b]they have loosed the bridle before me.

12 The youth rise up at my right hand: they have pushed my feet, and have trode on me as on the [c]paths of their destruction.

13 They have destroyed my paths: they took pleasure at my calamity, they had no [d]help.

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  1. Job 30:11 God hath taken from me the force, credit, and authority wherewith I kept them in subjection.
  2. Job 30:11 He said that the young men when they saw him, hid themselves, as Job 29:8, and now in his misery they were impudent and licentious.
  3. Job 30:12 That is, they sought by all means how they might destroy me.
  4. Job 30:13 They need none to help them.

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