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Job 30:10-12 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

10 They hold me abominable, and they flee far from me, and dread not to spit on my face (and do not fear to spit in my face).

11 For God hath opened his arrow case, and he hath tormented me, and he hath put a bridle into my mouth.

12 At the right side of the east my wretchednesses have risen up at once; they turned upside-down my feet, and they oppressed me with their paths as with floods. (On my right side they attack me in a mob; they set my feet running, and they raise against me the ways of their destruction.)

Job 30:10-12 New International Version (NIV)

10 They detest me and keep their distance;
    they do not hesitate to spit in my face.
11 Now that God has unstrung my bow and afflicted me,
    they throw off restraint in my presence.
12 On my right the tribe[a] attacks;
    they lay snares for my feet,
    they build their siege ramps against me.


  1. Job 30:12 The meaning of the Hebrew for this word is uncertain.
New International Version (NIV)

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