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Job 28:11-13 The Voice (VOICE)

11     He dams up[a] the underground streams until they cease seeping,
        and he brings out into the light what was hidden there in the darkness.

12     But where is wisdom found,
        and where does understanding dwell?

Proverbs 1:20–33 and 8:3–36 give the best articulated picture of wisdom in the Bible. Personified there as Lady Wisdom, this character was created by God long before His creation of the world—which she then aided in. After creation, she wanted nothing more than to be with humanity and help them to have full, truthful lives; but here Job explains that wisdom is now hidden. Certainly God knows where she is, although He isn’t telling; but humans have a better chance of finding immeasurable wealth than of attaining wisdom. This is because she is only found on one road, and that’s the God-fearing road of piety. In order to find wisdom, one must allow God to direct him there; and ironically, the knowledge that God must direct lives is wisdom itself!

13 Job: No human perceives wisdom’s true value,
        nor has she been found in the land of the living.


  1. 28:11 Hebrew manuscripts read, “He searches.”
The Voice (VOICE)

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