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They are wet from the rainstorm of the mountains,[a]
and they cling to the rock without[b] refuge.
“They[c] snatch the orphan from the breast,
and they take a pledge against the needy.[d]
10 They[e] go about naked, without clothing,
and hungry, they carry the sheaves.[f]

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  1. Job 24:8 Or “from the mountain rainstorm”
  2. Job 24:8 Literally “from not”
  3. Job 24:9 That is, those who oppress the poor
  4. Job 24:9 Or “And they take the child of the needy as a pledge”
  5. Job 24:10 That is, the poor
  6. Job 24:10 Or “and they carry the sheaves though hungry”

They are drenched(A) by mountain rains
    and hug(B) the rocks for lack of shelter.(C)
The fatherless(D) child is snatched(E) from the breast;
    the infant of the poor is seized(F) for a debt.(G)
10 Lacking clothes, they go about naked;(H)
    they carry the sheaves,(I) but still go hungry.

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