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10 That is why snares surround you,
and why sudden fear terrifies you,
11 why it is so dark you cannot see,[a]
and why a flood[b] of water covers you.
12 “Is not God on high in heaven?[c]

And see[d] the lofty stars,[e] how high they are!

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  1. Job 22:11 tn Heb “or dark you cannot see.” Some commentators and the RSV follow the LXX in reading אוֹ (ʾo, “or”) as אוֹר (ʾor, “light”) and translate it “The light has become dark” or “Your light has become dark.” A. B. Davidson suggests the reading “Or seest thou not the darkness.” This would mean Job does not understand the true meaning of the darkness and the calamities.
  2. Job 22:11 tn The word שִׁפְעַת (shifʿat) means “multitude of.” It is used of men, camels, horses, and here of waters in the heavens.
  3. Job 22:12 tn This reading preserves the text as it is. The nouns “high” and “heavens” would then be taken as adverbial accusatives of place (see GKC 373-74 §118.g).
  4. Job 22:12 tn The parallel passage in Isa 40:26-27, as well as the context here, shows that the imperative is to be retained here. The LXX has “he sees.”
  5. Job 22:12 tn Heb “head of the stars.”