14 They say also unto God, Depart from us: for we desire not the [a]knowledge of thy ways.

15 Who is the Almighty, that we should serve him? and what profit should we have, if we should pray unto him?

16 Lo, their wealth is not in their [b]hand: therefore let the counsel of the wicked [c]be far from me.

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  1. Job 21:14 They desire nothing more than to be exempt from all subjection that they should bear to God: thus Job showeth his adversaries, that if they reason only by that which is seen by common experience, the wicked that hate God, are better dealt withal, than they that love him.
  2. Job 21:16 It is not their own, but God only lendeth it unto them.
  3. Job 21:16 God keep me from their prosperity.

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