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24 “He will flee from an iron weapon,
but an arrow of bronze will pierce him.
25 He draws it forth, and it comes out from his body,
and the glittering point comes from his gall-bladder;
terrors come upon him.
26 Total darkness[a] is hidden for his treasures;[b]
an unfanned fire[c] will devour him;
the remnant[d] will be consumed[e] in his tent.

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  1. Job 20:26 Literally “All darkness”
  2. Job 20:26 Or “His treasures are hidden by total darkness”
  3. Job 20:26 Literally “a fire not fanned”
  4. Job 20:26 Of his treasures
  5. Job 20:26 Literally “will be evil,” or “will be bad”

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