23 When he fills his stomach,
God will send His burning anger against him,
raining(A) it down on him while he is eating.[a]
24 If he flees from an iron weapon,
an arrow from a bronze bow will pierce him.
25 He pulls it out of his back,
the flashing tip out of his liver.[b]
Terrors come over him.(B)

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  1. Job 20:23 Text emended; MT reads him, against his flesh
  2. Job 20:25 Or gallbladder

23 When he has filled his belly,(A)
    God will vent his burning anger(B) against him
    and rain down his blows on him.(C)
24 Though he flees(D) from an iron weapon,
    a bronze-tipped arrow pierces him.(E)
25 He pulls it out of his back,
    the gleaming point out of his liver.
Terrors(F) will come over him;(G)

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