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19 a great wind felled in suddenly from the coast of (the) desert, and shook [the] four corners of the house, which felled down, and (it) oppressed thy children, and they be dead (and they all died); and I alone fled to tell (this) to thee.

20 Then Job rose up, and he rent his clothes, and when his head was polled, he felled down upon the earth, and he worshipped God, (Then Job rose up, and he tore his clothes, and when his head was shaved, he fell down on the ground, and he worshipped God,)

21 and said, I went naked out of the womb of my mother, and naked I shall turn again thither; the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; as it pleased the Lord, so be it done; the name of the Lord be blessed (blessed be the name of the Lord).

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