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I also have insight[a] like you;[b]
I am not more inferior than you.[c]
And who does not know things like these?[d]
I am a laughingstock to my friends:[e]
He calls on God, and he answers him.’
A righteous, blameless man is a laughingstock.
Those at ease have contempt[f] for the thought of disaster,[g]
but it is ready for those unstable of foot.

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  1. Job 12:3 Literally “Also for me heart”
  2. Job 12:3 Plural
  3. Job 12:3 Plural
  4. Job 12:3 Literally “and who there is not like these”
  5. Job 12:4 Hebrew “to his friends”
  6. Job 12:5 Literally “Contempt is according to the thought of the complacent”
  7. Job 12:5 Literally “a torch”

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