But I have understanding as well as you, and am not inferior unto you: yea, who knoweth not such things?

(A)I am [a]as one mocked of his neighbor, who calleth upon God, and he [b]heareth him: the just and the upright is laughed to scorn.

[c]He that is ready to fall, is as a lamp despised in the opinion of the rich.

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  1. Job 12:4 He reproveth these his friends of two faults: the one that they thought they had better knowledge than indeed they had: and the other, that instead of true consolation, they did deride and despise their friend in his adversity.
  2. Job 12:4 The which neighbor being a mocker and a wicked man, thinketh that no man is in God’s favor but he, because he hath all things that he desireth.
  3. Job 12:5 As the rich esteem not a light, or torch that goeth out, so is he despised that falleth from prosperity to adversity.

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