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13 Yet You have hidden these things in Your heart. I know that this is in Your thoughts. 14 If I sin, You would see me, and would not free me from my guilt. 15 If I am sinful, it would be bad for me! If I am right and good, I cannot lift my head for I am filled with shame and see all my trouble.

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13 “But this is what you concealed in your heart,
    and I know that this was in your mind:(A)
14 If I sinned, you would be watching me(B)
    and would not let my offense go unpunished.(C)
15 If I am guilty(D)—woe to me!(E)
    Even if I am innocent, I cannot lift my head,(F)
for I am full of shame
    and drowned in[a] my affliction.(G)

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  1. Job 10:15 Or and aware of