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Jesus Guys 7 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Stephen Wen Talk

Da Head Priest guy wen tell Stephen, “Dass true, o wat?”

Stephen say, “My bruddas an my faddas, try listen to me! Da awesome God wen come by our ancesta Abraham wen he stay Mesopotamia side, befo he wen go Haran side. God wen tell him, ‘Go way from yoa place an yoa ohana, an go da place I goin show you.’ So Abraham wen go way from da place da Chaldea peopo live an stay in Haran. Afta Abraham fadda wen mahke, God wen send Abraham to dis place wea you guys stay now. God neva give Abraham dis place fo his own home. He neva get even one litto bit land ova hea. But God wen promise him dat his ohana goin own dis land bumbye; no matta Abraham neva have kids dat time. God wen tell him, ‘Yoa ohana goin stay one place far away, dat not deaʼs. Da peopo ova dea goin make dem slaves, an dey goin suffa fo four hundred years. I goin punish da peopo dat make dem slaves. An latas, yoa ohana guys goin go way from ova dea, an dey goin pray an show me respeck in dis place.’ Dass wat God wen say. Den God wen make one deal wit Abraham, dat dey goin cut skin dea guys fo show dat dey Godʼs peopo. Den Abraham wen get Isaac his boy, an he wen cut skin him day numba eight afta he wen born. Latas, Isaac wen get Jacob fo his boy, an Jacob wen get twelve boys. Dem twelve guys wen come da main faddas an leadas fo da twelve ohanas fo da Israel peopo.

“Da bruddas wen come jealous cuz a dea brudda Joseph, an dey wen sell him fo come one slave in Egypt side. But God wen stay wit him. 10 God wen take him outa all da trouble he stay in. He wen make him akamai, an wen help him. Da king fo Egypt, da one name Pharaoh, he wen tink Joseph one good guy. So Pharaoh wen make him da leada fo da Egypt land an all his palace. 11 Den one big hard time wen come all ova Egypt an Canaan, an everybody wen suffa plenny. So our ancesta guys no can find food fo eat. 12 Wen our ancesta Jacob wen hear dat had wheat Egypt side, he wen send his boys ova dea first time. 13 Da nex time dey wen go, da guy Joseph tell his bruddas who him, an den Pharaoh wen hear bout Josephʼs ohana. 14 Afta dat, Joseph wen send guys fo bring his fadda Jacob an all his ohana Egypt side. Had seventy-five peopo wen come. 15 Dass how Jacob wen go Egypt side. Bumbye he wen mahke, an our ancesta guys, dey wen mahke too. 16 Our peopo wen bring back dea bodies to Shekem, an wen put um inside da tombs dat Abraham wen buy from Hamorʼs boys befo time.

17 “Wen da time wen stay near fo God fo do all da stuff he wen promise our ancesta Abraham, our ohana in Egypt side wen come mo big. 18 Den one odda king wen come Pharaoh in Egypt dat neva know who Joseph. 19 He wen bulai our peopo an make our ancesta guys suffa plenny. He wen make dem throw out dea babies dat jus wen born, so dey no goin stay live. 20 Dat time Moses wen born. Everybody tink he look real nice. Three months dey wen hide Moses an take care him inside his faddaʼs house. 21 Wen dey no can hide him no moa, dey wen put him outside, an Pharaohʼs girl wen find him an wen take care him jalike he her own boy. 22 Dey wen teach Moses plenny so he wen know all da stuff da smart guys in Egypt wen know. An he wen talk an make jalike one guy dat get power.

23 “Wen Moses wen come forty years old, he wen like go by his bruddas an sistas, da Israel peopo. 24 He wen spock one Egypt guy dat wen bus up one Israel guy, so he wen go help da Israel guy. He wen kill da Egypt guy, fo pay him back. 25 He wen tink his own peopo goin know dat God wen use him fo take dem outa da bad kine stuff dey stay in, but dey neva know dat. 26 Da nex day Moses wen come by two Israel guys dat stay beefing. He wen try fo make um come friends. He wen say, ‘Eh, you guys bruddas. How come you hurting each odda?’ 27 But da guy dat stay bussing up da odda guy wen push Moses away an wen say, ‘Eh, who you tink you? Who wen make you da leada guy an da judge fo us? 28 You like kill me jalike you wen kill da Egypt guy yesterday?’ 29 Wen Moses wen hear dat, he wen beat it outa dea an go Midian side. An he wen stay ova dea long time, but he not from dea. An he wen marry an get two boys.

30 “Afta forty years, one angel guy wen come by Moses inside one bush dat stay burning in da boonies near da mountain name Sinai. 31 Wen Moses wen see dat, wen blow his mind. He wen go near ova dea fo check um out, an he wen hear da Boss say, 32 ‘I yoa ancestas God; I Abrahamʼs God, an Isaacʼs God, an Jacobʼs God.’ Eh, da guy Moses wen come so scared he wen shake all ova, an he neva like look. 33 Da Boss wen tell him, ‘Take off yoa slippas, cuz da place wea you stay standing, dat one place dat stay spesho fo me. 34 Fo shua I wen see how da Egypt peopo stay make my peopo suffa plenny. I wen hear dem moaning, an I stay come fo let dem go. Come, I goin send you back Egypt side.’ ”

35 Den Stephen wen tell dem, “Moses, he da guy dat da Israel peopo wen throw out. Dey wen say, ‘Eh, who make you da leada guy an da judge fo us guys?’ But Moses da one God wen send fo come dea leada an da one dat wen cut um loose from da bad kine stuff dey stay in, cuz da angel messenja guy dat Moses wen see inside da bush wen help him fo know dat he da one God wen pick. 36 Moses take da peopo outa Egypt an show dem awesome stuff wit power Egypt side, an by da Red Sea, an in da boonies fo forty years. 37 Moses, he da same guy dat wen tell da Israel peopo lata, ‘God goin send one Guy fo you dat goin talk fo him, jalike he wen send me. An dat One goin come from you guys ohana.’ 38 Moses wen stay wit all da peopo dat wen stay togedda inside da boonies, wit all our ancesta guys, an wit da angel guy dat wen talk to him on top Mount Sinai. God wen tell him good stuff fo tell us, an dat stuff still stay going strong.

39 “But our ancesta guys neva like do wat Moses wen say. Inside dea hearts dey like throw him out, an like go back Egypt side. 40 Dey wen tell Aaron, ‘Make odda gods fo us dat can show us da way fo go. Moses wen bring us outa Egypt, but we donno wea he stay now!’

41 Dat time dey wen make one idol kine god dat look jalike one baby cow. Dey wen make sacrifice fo um, an den wen make one big party fo da ting dey wen make wit dea own hands. 42 So God wen turn away from dem, an give dem ova so dey can go down an pray to da sun an da moon an da stars. Dat wen happen jalike da guy Amos, dat wen talk fo God long time ago, wen write down. He wen say,

‘You Israel peopo,
    Dat no was fo me you wen make sacrifice,
    Forty years inside da boonies! Nah!
43 You guys wen carry one tent fo da idol kine god Molok,
    An fo da idol kine star god Refan.
Dey da gods you wen make
    So you can go down an pray to dem.
Cuz a dat, I goin send you guys away
    Fo stay long time one far place
    Da odda side Babylon.’ ”

44 An den Stephen say, “Our ancesta guys dea inside da boonies wen get da big tent dat show God stay wit dem. Dey make um jalike God wen tell Moses. 45 Dey wen make da tent, an carry um wit dem. Den bumbye Joshua wen bring da peopo inside dis land. God wen push out da diffren peopos dat stay hea. An our ancesta guys wen take away da land from dem. Dat tent wen stay hea long time till King David wen come. 46 God wen do plenny good tings fo David. So David wen aks God fo let him make one mo betta house fo God, da same God dat Davidʼs ancesta Jacob wen pray to. 47 But Davidʼs boy Solomon, he da one wen make dat house fo God.

48 “But da God Dat Stay Mo Importan Den All Da Odda Gods, he no stay everytime inside one house dat peopo make. Jalike da guy Isaiah dat wen talk fo God, wen say, ‘Da Boss say,

49 “Da sky, dass my throne,
    An da earth, dass da place fo my feets.
Wat kine house you goin make fo me?
    Wea da place fo me fo rest?
50 You tink I not da One dat wen make all dis?’ ”

51 Den Stephen say, “You guys so hard head! Yoa hearts an yoa ears, you no like give um to God! You make jalike yoa ancesta guys! You everytime like beef agains Godʼs Spesho Spirit! 52 Yoa ancesta guys everytime wen make da guys dat wen talk fo God suffa. Yoa ancesta guys even wen kill da guys dat wen tell dat Godʼs Spesho Guy dat everytime do da right ting goin come. An den, you guys wen set him up an wen kill him! 53 No matta was you guys dat wen get da Rules from God, an da angel messenja guys wen bring um, still yet you guys no do wat Godʼs Rules say!”

Dey Throw Stones At Stephen

54 Wen dey hear dat, dey come wild, an dey grind dea teet at Stephen cuz dey mad. 55 But Godʼs Spesho Spirit wen take charge a him. An he look up to da sky, an see how awesome God stay, an Jesus standing by Godʼs right side. 56 He say, “Look! I see da sky stay open. An da Guy Dass fo Real stay standing by Godʼs right side!”

57 Den dey wen yell real loud, an dey wen cover dea ears, an dey wen run at him, 58 an drag him outside da town, an start fo throw stones at him. Da guys dat wen talk agains him inside da court, dey wen put down dea coats by one young guyʼs feet, da guy name Saul. 59 Dey all stay throwing stones at Stephen, an he wen tell da Boss Up Dea Inside Da Sky, “Jesus, you da Boss. Take my spirit!” 60 An he wen fall down on his knees, an wen yell, “Boss, no hold dis bad ting agains dem.” An afta he wen say dat, he wen mahke.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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