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Jesus Guys 6 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Seven Helpa Guys

Dat time had mo an mo peopo dat wen trus Jesus an stick wit his guys. But some a da Jewish peopo dat talk Greek dat wen trus Jesus wen squawk agains da peopo dat talk da local language, cuz every day da local peopo neva help da widows dat talk Greek get some food. Dey ony help da widows dat talk da local language. So da Twelve guys wen tell all da peopo dat trus Jesus fo come togedda, an dey say, “Dass not right fo us fo pau teach wat God say, jus so we can give food to da peopo dat need um. So den, you bruddas pick seven guys from all you guys. Make shua dat everybody know dese guys get Godʼs Spesho Spirit in charge a dem, an dey akamai. An we goin give dem dis kuleana. An den us twelve guys can pray an teach wat God say all da time.”

Everybody dea like wat Jesus guys wen say. So dey pick

Stephen, one guy dat really trus God an get Godʼs Spesho Spirit in charge a him, an
Parmenas, an
Nicolas from Antiok, da one dat no was Jewish but wen come jalike one Jew. Dey wen bring dese guys by da twelve guys Jesus wen send. An da twelve guys wen aks God fo help dem, an dey put dea hands on top dem.

Jesus guys wen go aroun an tell da peopo wat God wen say. So had mo an mo peopo inside Jerusalem dat wen trus God an stick wit Jesus guys. An plenny priest guys wen trus da Good Stuff From God an do wat God say.

Dey Bus Stephen

Stephen, he one guy dat God do plenny good tings fo, an he get plenny power from God. He wen do plenny awesome stuffs dat show wat kine guy him, an da peopo see dat he get power. Had some churches fo da Jewish religion fo da peopo dat wen come dea from Cyrene, Alexandria, Cilicia, an Asia. Dem Jewish churches stay fo da peopo dat was slaves befo time, but now dey not slaves no moa. Had guys from dose Jewish churches wen start fo make argue wit Stephen. 10 But Stephen real akamai, an Godʼs Spesho Spirit wen tell him wat fo say. An da Jewish guys no can say notting.

11 So da Jewish guys wen bring odda guys fo say, “Eh! We wen hear dis guy Stephen talk stink bout Moses an bout God!” 12 Dass how dey wen make da peopo, da older leadas, an da guys dat teach Godʼs Rules come all work up wit Stephen. Dey wen grab him an bring him in front da main leada guys. 13 Den dey bring odda guys dat wen bulai bout him an say, “Dis guy still yet no like pau talk stink bout da temple dat stay spesho fo God, an bout Godʼs Rules. 14 We wen hear him say dat da guy Jesus from Nazaret goin broke down da temple an goin change all da stuff Moses wen tell us fo do!” 15 All da guys dat wen stay sitting dea an da main leada guys wen look at Stephen real good, an dey wen see dat his face wen stay look jalike one angel guyʼs face.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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