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Jesus Guys 5 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Ananias An Safira

Had one guy, his name Ananias, an his wife name Safira. Dey wen sell one land dey own. He wen keep some a da money fo himself, an den he wen bring da rest a da money an give um to da guys Jesus wen send. An his wife wen know bout all dat.

Peter wen tell him, “Ananias, how come you let da Devil take charge you, an you bulai to Godʼs Spesho Spirit? Cuz you wen keep fo yoaself some a da money you wen get fo da land. Befo you wen sell um, dat land stay yoas. An afta you wen sell um, you get da right fo do wat you like wit da money. How come you wen tink fo bulai bout da money? You no stay bulai to da peopo, but to God.” Wen Ananias hear dat, he fall down an mahke. An everybody dat wen hear bout um wen come real scared. Den da young guys wen come an wrap up his body, an take um outside, an bury um.

Bout three hours lata his wife wen come. She neva know wat wen happen. Peter wen say, “Dis how much you an yoa husban wen get fo yoa land?”

She wen say, “Yeah, yeah, dass how much.”

Peter wen tell her, “How come you an yoa husban wen tink togedda fo find out if da Bossʼs Spirit goin let you guys get away wit bulai? Look! Da guys dat wen bury yoa husban, dey stay coming, an dey goin carry you ova dea too.” 10 Right den an dea she wen fall down by his feet an mahke. An da young guys wen come inside, an see her dea mahke, an dey carry her outside, an bury her by her husban. 11 An all da peopo dat come togedda fo church, an everybody dat hear bout wat wen happen, dey all come real scared.

Jesus Guys Do Awesome Stuff

12 Da guys Jesus send wen do plenny awesome stuff da show who dem in front da peopo. All da peopo dat trus God wen come togedda inside Solomonʼs Lanai. 13 All da odda peopo stay scared fo come togedda wit Jesus guys ova dea, but still yet da peopo wen tink Jesus guys good guys. 14 Den plenny mo guys an wahines wen trus da Boss, an come togedda wit dem. 15 Cuz a dat da peopo wen bring da sick peopo on da streets, an lay dem on top da beds an da mats, so dat wen Peter goin come, his shadow goin pass ova dem wen he go by, an da sick peopo can come good. 16 Plenny peopo wen come from da towns aroun Jerusalem. An dey wen bring dea sick peopo an da oddas dat get bad kine spirits dat make dem suffa plenny. An Jesus guys wen make dem all come good.

Da Guys Jesus Wen Send Suffa Plenny

17 Den da Head Priest an all his guys dat come from da Sadducee guys, dey wen come jealous. 18 Dey wen bus da guys Jesus wen send all ova, an put dem in jail. 19 But nite time one angel messenja guy from da Boss wen open da jail door, an bring dem outside. 20 He wen say, “Go stand in front all da peopo inside da temple yard, an tell um everyting bout dis new kine life.” 21 Wen da sun stay come up, dey wen go inside da temple yard jalike da angel guy wen say, an dey wen start fo teach da peopo.

Now, da Head Priest guy an his guys wen tell all da main leadas, an all da odda leadas fo da Israel peopo, fo come togedda. An dey wen send guys to da jail fo bring Jesus guys to dem. 22 But wen da police guys wen come to da jail, dey neva find Jesus guys ova dea. So da police guys wen go back an tell da leadas, 23 “We wen find da jail door still yet stay lock, an da security guard standing by da doors, but wen we wen open um, nobody stay inside.” 24 Wen da leada guys hear dat, da captain fo da temple guard an da main priest guys wen come mix up, an dey wen tink plenny wat goin happen. 25 Den one guy wen come an tell dem, “You know wat? Da guys you wen put in jail, dey stay standing inside da temple yard, teaching da peopo!” 26 Wen da captain hear dat, he an his guys wen go an bring Jesus guys to da main leadas. Da captain an his guys neva force Jesus guys, cuz dey scared dat da peopo goin throw stones at da captain an his guys.

27 Dey wen bring in da guys Jesus wen send an wen make dem stand in front da main leadas, so da Head Priest guy can aks dem stuff. 28 Da Head Priest say, “Listen! We wen tell you guys you betta not teach da peopo bout da guy Jesus, an use his name fo do stuff. But you guys still yet teach dis kine stuff all ova Jerusalem. An you even like blame us fo kill him!”

29 Peter an Jesus odda guys wen say, “We gotta do wat God say, an not do wat peopo say! 30 Da God fo our ancesta guys, he da One wen make Jesus come back alive again, afta you guys wen kill him on top one cross. 31 God wen take him up wit him, an wen make him sit da importan place by his right side, cuz he da Main Leada, an he da One dat can take us outa da bad kine stuff we do. He da One can help da Israel peopo come sorry fo all da bad kine stuff dey wen do, an let um go an hemo dea shame. 32 We wen see all dis stuff happen, an Godʼs Spesho Spirit wen see um too. God give his Spesho Spirit to da peopo dat listen to him.”

33 Wen da leada guys wen hea dat, dey come real huhu, an wen like kill Jesus guys. 34 But one guy name Gamaliel wen stand up in front da main leadas fo talk. He one Pharisee guy dat teach Godʼs Rules, an all da peopo had plenny respeck fo him. He wen tell dem fo take da guys outside. 35 Den he say, “Eh! Brudda Israel guys, we betta tink real good bout wat we goin do to dese guys. 36 Cuz rememba, one time had one guy name Teudas. He wen talk big bout himself, an had bout four hundred guys wen stick wit him. But den some guys wen kill him, an all his guys wen run away, an da whole ting wen pau. 37 Latas, wen da leadas make da peopo sign up, had one guy name Judas from Galilee dat wen show up. He lead some guys away, an dey wen make big beef. But dey wen kill him too, an all his guys wen run away. 38 So, fo dese guys, I tell you wat fo do. Leave um alone! Let um go! Cuz if wat dey do ony come from peopo, goin pau. 39 But if da ting come from God, you no can stop um. You ony goin make one big beef agains God.”

40 Da leada guys wen like wat Gamaliel say. Dey wen tell Jesus guys fo come inside, an wen tell da police guys fo bus um up good. Den dey wen tell Jesus guys one mo time dey betta not talk bout da guy Jesus no moa, o use his name fo do stuff. An dey wen let dem go. 41 Jesus guys wen go way from da main leadas. An dey wen stay real good inside cuz God figga dey stay good nuff fo suffa shame cuz dey Jesus guys. 42 Every day dey neva pau teach an tell everybody inside da temple yard an inside all da houses da Good Stuff bout how Jesus, he da Spesho Guy God Wen Send.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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