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Jesus Guys 3 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

One Guy Dat No Can Walk Come Good

One time Peter an John wen go to da temple three clock. Dat was da time fo pray. Had one guy ova dea dat no can walk from da time he was born. Some guys carry him by da temple gate every day. Dat gate, dey wen name um “Beautiful.” Dey put him dea so he can beg fo money from da peopo dat go inside da temple yard. Wen he wen spock Peter an John going inside, he wen beg fo someting from dem. Peter an John wen look him in da eye, an Peter say, “Look at us!” So da guy wen look, tinking he goin get someting. Peter tell um, “I no mo money, but wat I get, I give you. Jesus from Nazaret, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send, I his guy. Dass why I tell you, stand up an walk!” Peter wen take his right hand an help him stand up. Right den an dea da guyʼs feet an ankles wen come strong. He jump up on his feet an walk all ova da place. Den he wen go wit dem inside da temple yard. He walking, an jumping, an tanking God. All da peopo see him walking an tanking God. 10 Dey know he da begga guy dat wen sit by da temple gate name “Beautiful.” Dey wen tink plenny, an dea jaws wen drop cuz a wat wen happen to him.

Peter Teach Inside Da Temple Yard

11 Da guy wen stay by Peter an John. All da peopo, wen blow dea minds, an dey wen run togedda by Peter guys inside da place name “Solomonʼs Lanai.” 12 Peter wen see da peopo, an he tell dem, “You Israel peopo, how come you guys all shock cuz a dis? How come you guys looking at us guys an tinking dat we wen make him walk wit our own power, o cuz we stay tight wit God? 13 Da same God fo Abraham, Isaac, an Jacob, he da same God fo our ancesta guys. He da One wen make da guy good. He da One wen make Jesus, his helpa, come awesome. You guys wen give ova Jesus so dey can kill him. Pilate wen like let him go, but den you guys wen tell Pilate dat Jesus not Godʼs Spesho Guy. 14 You guys wen give ova to Pilate da Spesho An Good Guy from God dat everytime do da right ting, an den you say you like Pilate fo hand ova one killa guy to you guys. 15 An so you guys wen kill Jesus, da One dat make everyting alive fo real kine. But God, he wen bring Jesus back alive. An us guys wen see all dis happen. 16 Dis guy you see hea, you guys know him. He wen find out wat kine guy Jesus, an he go trus him. Dass why he come good. Jesus, he da One dat wen make him come good all da way. An you guys can see dat he stay good.

17 “My bruddas, I know dat wat you guys an yoa leadas wen do to Jesus, you neva undastan wat you doing. 18 Da guys dat wen talk fo God long time ago wen tell inside da Bible dat da Spesho Guy God Goin Send gotta suffa. An dass how dat wen come true.

19 “So den, you guys gotta come sorry an stop doing all da bad kine stuff you do, an stick wit God, an den he goin take away yoa shame fo all da bad kine stuff you guys wen do. 20 An da Boss goin make you guys rest inside an make you guys strong inside yoa hearts. He goin send his Spesho Guy Jesus, da One he wen pick fo help you guys. 21 Jesus gotta stay inside da sky till da time come wen God goin make everyting new. Jalike da spesho guys dat wen talk fo God long time ago wen tell, dat God wen promise fo do dat. 22 Moses wen tell, you know, ‘God yoa Boss, he goin give you guys one Guy goin be jalike me, dat goin talk fo God. He goin come from da Jewish peopo. You guys gotta listen an do everyting he tell you.’ 23 Moses wen say dis too: ‘Anybody dat no like listen to dat Guy dat talk fo God, God goin wipe dem out from dea peopo.’ ”

24 Den Peter say, “Befo time, Samuel an all da odda guys dat wen talk fo God afta him, dey all wen tell bout wat stay happen now. 25 You guys da one wen get wat dey wen talk bout. Dass fo you guys, da deal God wen make wit yoa ancesta guys long time ago. God wen tell Abraham, ‘All da diffren peopos all ova da world, bumbye wen dey tink bout da peopos dat come from you, dey goin say, “We like God make everyting come good fo us guys, cuz we stay tight wit da Abraham ohana!” ’ 26 God wen pick his Spesho Helpa Jesus, an send him by you guys first. He send him so he can do good kine stuff fo you guys, an make you guys so you no do da bad kine stuff no moa.”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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