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Jesus Guys 28 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Malta Side

28 We wen come to da land okay, an we find out dat dey name da island Malta. Da local peopo wen show us plenny aloha. Dey wen make one fire an tell us fo come cuz stay raining an cold. Paul wen bring some wood fo da fire. Wen he put um on top da fire, one snake wen come outside da wood, cuz stay hot. Da snake wen grab Paulʼs hand. Wen da local peopo wen spock da snake hanging from Paulʼs hand, dey wen tell each odda, “Eh, fo shua dis guy wen kill somebody. He wen get outa da ocean okay, but da gods no goin let um stay alive.” But Paul wen shake da snake from his hand inside da fire, an notting wen happen to Paul. Da peopo wen tink he goin swell up o mahke fast. Dey wen wait plenny, an dey neva see notting funny kine happen. So dey wen change dea mind an say, “Eh! Must be he one god!”

Had one big place near dea fo da governa fo da island, his name Publius. He wen show us aloha an tell us fo come inside his house. We wen stay dea fo three days, an he wen take care us real good. His fadda stay sick in bed. He get one feva an da runs. Paul wen go by him an pray an put his hands on top um, an he wen make um come good. Afta dat, da peopo wen bring all da odda sick peopo on da island, an Paul wen make um come good. 10 Dey wen give us plenny stuffs, cuz dey get respeck fo us. Wen we was ready fo sail, dey wen give us all da stuffs we wen need.

From Malta To Rome

11 Afta three months we wen sail on top one boat dat wen stay by Malta Island all winta. Da boat wen come from Alexandria an had da twin gods Castor an Pollux on da front. 12 We wen come to Syracuse an stay ova dea three days. 13 We wen sail from dea an wen come Regium. Da nex day da sout wind wen come, an da nex day we wen come Puteoli. 14 Ova dea we wen meet some bruddas. Dey wen tell us fo come stay dea house fo one week. An den we wen go way from dea fo go Rome. 15 Da bruddas ova dea wen hear dat we stay coming, an dey wen come to da Appius Market an da Three Taverns fo meet us. Wen Paul wen spock dem, dat wen kokua him, an he wen tank God.

Inside Rome

16 We wen go inside Rome, an dey wen let Paul stay inside one place by himself, an one army guy wen guard um.

17 Afta three days Paul wen tell da leadas fo da Jewish peopo fo come. Wen dey wen come, Paul wen tell um, “My bruddas, I neva do notting agains our peopo o agains our ancesta guys ways. But dey wen bus me inside Jerusalem an hand me ova to da Rome guys. 18 Da Rome guys wen aks me plenny stuffs, an dey wen like let me go, cuz I neva do notting dat say I gotta mahke. 19 But da Jewish guys neva like dem fo let me go, so den, I wen say I gotta come in front da Big King Cesar. But I no mo notting fo poin finga at my peopo. 20 So I wen tell dese guys I like talk to you. I trus God dat he goin take da Israel peopo outa da bad kine stuff dey stay in. Dass why dey wen tie me up wit dis chain.”

21 Da Jewish guys wen say, “We neva get no lettas from Judea bout you. An da bruddas dat wen come from ova dea neva say notting stink bout you. 22 But we like listen to wat you say. We know dat da peopo all ova da place stay talking agains dis stuff you teach.”

23 Den dey wen say dey goin come togedda one spesho day. An dat time even mo peopo wen come to da place wea Paul stay. Wen da sun come up till da sun go down he wen tell um all da stuff bout how dey can get God fo dea King. He wen try help um fo trus da Good Stuff Bout Jesus. He start wit da stuff Moses wen write down inside da Rules, an den he talk bout da odda guys dat wen talk fo God befo time. 24 Some guys wen trus da Good Stuff Paul wen tell um, but da odda guys neva like trus um. 25 Dey wen go way an make argue wit each odda. But first Paul wen say, “Godʼs Spesho Spirit wen tell yoa ancesta guys da trut! Isaiah wen talk fo him 26 an say,

‘God wen tell me fo go by dis peopo an say,
“You guys goin hear,
    But you no goin undastan.
You guys goin see,
    But you no goin see fo real.
27 Cuz dis peopo hard head,
    Dea ears no can hear good.
Dey close dea eyes,
    Cuz dey no like see fo real.
Dea ears no like hear fo real.
    Inside dey no like undastan fo real.
Dey no like change
    so I can make um come good.” ’

Dass wat Isaiah wen say.”

28 Paul say, “I like you guys know dat God send his guys by da peopo dat not Jews, so he can take dem outa da bad kine stuff dey do. An dey goin listen!” 29 [So da Jewish guys wen go way an wen make argue real hard wit each odda.]

30 Fo two years Paul wen stay ova dea inside one house he wen rent. He wen show aloha fo all da peopo dat wen come by him. 31 He wen teach um how dey can get God fo dea King an all bout da Boss Jesus, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send. He not scared fo tell um, an nobody wen try make him shut up.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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