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Jesus Guys 24 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Jewish Guys Poin Finga At Paul

24 Afta five days da Head Priest guy Ananias wen go down to Cesarea wit some a da older leadas. Had one guy name Tertullus dat wen talk fo da Jewish guys. Dey wen poin finga at Paul in front Governa Felix. Den dey tell Paul fo come, an Tertullus wen tell Governa Felix, “Yoa Honor, long time you wen lead us an we stay good wit you. You wen do good stuff fo our peopo. We tank you everytime all ova da place fo all dis stuff. But now, so dat I no bodda you moa, try listen to us litto bit. We know dat dis guy stay making trouble. He stay make da Jewish peopo like beef all ova da world. He da leada fo da peopo dat stick wit Jesus from Nazaret. He even wen try make da temple pilau so no can pray dea. So we wen grab him. [We wen like bring him in front one judge jalike our Rules say, but da main captain name Lysias, he come an grab him from us. He wen tell us dat we gotta come in front you.] You can aks him yoaself, an you goin find out all da stuff we saying agains dis guy.” An da Jewish guys wen poin finga at Paul too, an say dat all da stuff Tertullus wen say, stay true.

Paul Talk In Front Felix

10 Da governa wen tell Paul fo talk. An Paul wen say,

“Yoa Honor, I know dat fo long time you stay judge fo da Israel peopo. So I stay good inside fo tell you da true stuff bout me. 11 You can check all dis stuff out. Twelve days befo dis I wen go Jerusalem fo go down an pray to God dea. 12 Da guys dat poin finga at me neva find me making argue wit nobody inside da temple. I neva make da peopo like beef inside da Jewish churches o odda place inside Jerusalem. 13 Dey no can make proof da stuff dey say agains me. 14 Dass true I go down an pray in front da God fo our ancesta guys. I stick wit da Jesus Way. But dese guys, dey say dass one fake way. I trus all da stuff Moses wen write down inside da Jewish Rules, an wat da guys dat wen talk fo God befo time wen write down too. 15 I stay trus an wait fo God jalike dese guys. We trus dat da guys dat stay doing da right tings an da guys dat no do wass right, dey all goin come back alive from mahke. 16 So, I everytime try fo do all da right stuff an make my heart stay good in front God an da peopo.

17 “Long time I stay odda places, an den I wen come back to Jerusalem fo bring money fo my peopo, fo da poor peopo, an fo make sacrifice inside da temple. 18 I wen make myself right fo go inside da temple, an dese guys wen find me ova dea inside da temple yard making lidat. Neva have plenny peopo dea, an I neva make trouble. 19 But get some Jewish guys from Asia side ova dea. Dey neva even come ova hea fo tell you how come dey poin finga at me. If dey get someting agains me, let um come ova hea in front you an tell um. 20 An da guys dat stay hea, let um say wat wrong ting dey tink I wen do. Dey neva tell dat wen I wen stand in front da main leadas. 21 Da ony ting, wen I wen stand in front dem I wen say, ‘Dey poin finga at me today cuz I trus dat we all goin come back alive from mahke.’ I tink dass wat dey say agains me.”

22 Felix da Governa, he wen know plenny stuff bout da Jesus Way. So he wen tell um dey can go home. He wen say, “Wen Lysias, da main captain, come, I goin take care dis stuff.” 23 He tell da captain fo watch Paul, an no tie him up, an let his friends come take care him.

Paul In Front Felix an Drusilla

24 Afta litto wile Governa Felix wen come wit his wife Drusilla. She one Jew. Felix tell da guards fo bring Paul, an Felix listen to him. Paul wen tell Felix bout how gotta trus Jesus Christ, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send. 25 Paul say dat we gotta get um right wit God, an do da right stuff, an we all goin stand in front God da Judge. Den Felix wen come scared, an he say, “Dass nuff fo now! You can go. Wen I like, I goin tell you fo come one mo time.” 26 An he wen tink dat bumbye if he wait, Paul goin give um some money. So plenny times he wen tell Paul fo come an talk wit him.

27 Two years lata, Porcius Festus wen take Governa Felix place, but Felix wen like do someting fo da Jewish peopo, so he wen leave Paul inside jail.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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