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Jesus Guys 23 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

23 Paul wen look strait at da main leada guys an say, “My bruddas, I know dat I wen do all da stuff God wen like me fo do wit good heart even till today.”

Wen he say dat, Ananias da Head Priest guy wen tell da guys standing by Paul fo slap Paulʼs mout. Den Paul tell him, “God goin hit you. You jalike one wall dey wen cover wit white kine paint. You sit dea fo judge me jalike Godʼs Rules say, but den, you broke Godʼs Rules too, cuz you tell da guys fo slap me!”

Da guys dat stand near Paul wen say, “Eh, you talking bad to Godʼs Head Priest guy!”

Paul say, “Bruddas, I neva know he da Head Priest guy. Da Bible say, ‘No talk bad bout da leada fo yoa peopo.’ ”

Den Paul wen figga dat some a dem was Sadducee guys an da oddas was Pharisee guys. So he wen yell inside dea, “My bruddas, I one Pharisee guy, an one Pharisee guyʼs boy. Dey stay bring me in front da main leadas cuz I stay waiting an I believe dat we goin come back alive from mahke.”

Wen he say dat, da Pharisee guys an Sadducee guys ova dea wen start fo make argue, an dat wen make um split up. Cuz da Sadducee guys say dat nobody goin come back alive from mahke, an no mo angel guys, an no mo spirits. But da Pharisee guys believe all dat stuff. Dey wen make big noise, an den some a da Pharisee teacha guys dat teach Godʼs Rules wen stand up an wen make argue real hard. Dey say, “We no can find notting wrong wit dis guy. Maybe one spirit o one angel guy wen talk to him.” 10 Dey wen make argue even mo hard, an da main captain wen tink dey goin broke up Paul. He wen tell his army guys fo go down, take Paul away from dem, an take him inside da army place.

11 Da nex nite da Boss wen stand by Paul an say, “No scared! Be strong! Jalike you wen tell da peopo bout me inside Jerusalem, you goin tell um bout me inside Rome too.”

Dey Try Kill Paul

12 Wen da sun wen come up, da Jewish guys wen come togedda an wen make plan bout Paul. Dey make promise dat dey no goin eat o drink notting till dey pau kill him. 13 Mo den forty guys wen say dat. 14 Dey wen go by da main priest guys an da older leadas an say, “We wen make one strong promise dat we no goin eat notting till we kill Paul. 15 So you an da main leada guys go tell da main captain fo bring him in front you, an you ack jalike you like find out mo stuff bout wat he wen do. An we stay ready fo kill him befo he come ova hea.”

16 But Paulʼs sistaʼs boy wen hear bout dat, an he wen go da army place, an tell Paul. 17 Den Paul wen tell one a da captains fo come, an he tell him, “Take dis young guy by da main captain. He get someting fo tell him.”

18 So den he wen take da young guy by da main captain, an say, “Paul, da prisona guy, he tell me fo bring dis young guy by you, cuz he like tell you someting.”

19 Da main captain wen take da young guy by da hand, an wen take him by da side, an say, “Wat you like tell me?”

20 He say, “Da Jewish guys wen make plan. Dey goin tell you fo bring Paul in front da main leada guys tomorrow. Dey goin ack jalike dey like find out mo stuff bout him. 21 No do wat dey say, cuz mo den forty guys stay hiding an waiting fo um. Dey wen make one strong promise dat dey no goin eat o drink notting till dey pau kill um. Dey stay ready now. Dey waiting fo you fo do wat dey say.”

22 Da main captain say, “No tell nobody dat you wen tell me dis.” An he wen let him go.

Dey Send Paul By Felix, Da Governa

23 Den da main captain wen tell two a his captains fo come, an wen tell um, “Go get two hundred army guys ready, an seventy guys riding horses, an two hundred guys wit spears fo go Cesarea nine clock tonite. 24 Go get horses fo da guy Paul, so dey can take him by Felix da Governa, an notting goin happen to him.” 25 Den he wen write one letta dat say,

26 “Yoa Honor, Governa Felix, dis me, Claudius Lysias, dat write you dis letta. I send you my aloha. 27 Da Jewish guys wen grab dis guy Paul, an dey almos wen kill him, but I wen come wit my army guys fo take him outa dea. Cuz I find out dat he get da same rights jalike one Rome guy. 28 An I wen like know how come dey poin finga at him, so I bring him in front da main Jewish leada guys. 29 I wen find out dat he neva do notting wrong. Dey say he wen do stuff agains dea rules, but I neva find notting fo say he gotta mahke o go jail. 30 Wen I know dat dey wen make plan fo kill him, right den an dea I wen send him by you. An I tell da guys dat poin finga at um fo come tell you bout um.”

31 Da army guys wen do wat he wen say. Dey wen take Paul wit dem dat nite, an wen bring him Antipatris side. 32 Da nex day dey wen let da guys on horses take him da rest a da way, an dey wen go back dea place. 33 Wen da guys on horses wen come to Cesarea, dey wen give da letta to da governa, an give Paul to da governa too.

34 Da governa wen read da letta, an wen aks him wea he come from. Wen he hear dat Paul stay come from Cilicia, 35 he say, “I goin listen to you wen da guys come dat poin finga at you.” Den he wen tell da guys fo take Paul ova to Herodʼs palace an guard him ova dea.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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