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Jesus Guys 22 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

22 Paul wen say, “My bruddas an faddas, listen to me! I like talk fo myself.” Wen dey hear dat he wen talk da local language to dem, den dey wen pau yell, an wen listen. Den Paul say,

“I one Jewish guy. I wen born Tarsus town, Cilicia side. But I wen grow up ova hea inside Jerusalem. I wen go school hea, an Gamaliel was my teacha. I learn all da stuff from our ancesta guys rules, an I wen go all out fo God jalike all you guys dat stay hea now. Da peopo dat stay tight wit dis Jesus Way, I wen make um suffa an wen kill um. I wen bus da guys an da wahines an wen throw um inside da jail. Da Head Priest guy an all da main leada guys, dey can tell you guys dat dis stay true. I even wen get lettas from dem fo da Jewish peopo Damascus side, dat say I get da right fo bring back Jesus guys to Jerusalem, fo throw um inside da jail an make um suffa. An I wen go ova dea fo do dat.

Paul Tell Da Peopo He Wen Change

“Den wen almos noon time I wen come near Damascus, an right den an dea had one big light from da sky dat wen flash aroun me. I wen fall down on top da groun, an I hear one voice dat tell me, ‘Saul! Saul! How come you make me suffa?’ I say, ‘Who you, Boss?’ He tell, ‘I Jesus from Nazaret, da guy you make suffa.’ Da guys dat wen go wit me wen see da light, but dey neva hear da voice dat wen talk to me. 10 I say, ‘Wat I gotta do, Boss?’ An da Boss tell me, ‘Stand up an go Damascus. Ova dea dey goin tell you all da stuff you gotta do.’ 11 My friends wen take my hand an wen lead me inside Damascus, cuz da light stay so bright I wen come blind an no can see notting.

12 “One guy name Ananias wen come by me. He go all out fo do all da stuff Godʼs Rules say, an all da Jewish peopo ova dea get respeck fo him. 13 He stand by my side, an say, ‘Brudda Saul, you can see now!’ An right den an dea I can see him. 14 He say, ‘Our ancestas God wen pick you fo know wat he like do, an fo see Christ, da Guy Dat Stay Right, an fo hear wat he say. 15 You goin be da one fo tell all da peopo wat you wen see an hear bout him. 16 An now, wat you waiting fo? Stand up, go get baptize. An all da bad kine stuff you wen do, da Boss goin clean um up an throw um away, cuz you aks him fo help you.’

Paul Gotta Tell Da Peopo Dat Not Jews

17 “I wen go back to Jerusalem, an I stay praying inside da temple. I wen see someting jalike one dream, an see da Boss talking. 18 He tell me, ‘Hurry up! Go way from Jerusalem right now, cuz dey no goin like da stuff you say bout me!’ 19 I tell him, ‘Boss, dey know I wen go from one Jewish church to anodda fo throw da peopo dat stay trus you inside jail, an bus um up. 20 An wen dey kill da guy Stephen dat wen talk fo you, I wen stand dea an tell um, “Dass good!” an I wen take care da clotheses fo da guys dat stay killing him.’ 21 But da Boss tell me, ‘Go. I goin send you far away by da diffren peopos dat not Jews.’ ”

22 Da peopo wen listen to Paul till he say dat. Den dey wen start fo yell, “Kill um! Mo betta he no stay no moa!” 23 Dey yell, an wave dea coats aroun, an throw da kine dust up in da air. 24 Da main captain fo da Rome army guys wen tell his guys fo take Paul inside da army place. Da captain wen tell um fo whip him real hard, an fo make him talk so da captain can know how come da peopo wen yell at him lidat. 25 Wen dey wen stretch him out fo whip him real hard, Paul wen tell da captain dat stay dea, “Dis okay in da rules fo da Rome peopo? fo you fo whip one guy dat get da same rights jalike da Rome peopo? even one guy dat neva do notting wrong?”

26 Wen da captain hear dat, he wen go an tell da main captain, “Wat you goin do? Dis guy get da same rights jalike da Rome peopo!”

27 Da main captain wen go by Paul an tell, “Eh, tell me, you get da same rights jalike one Rome guy, o wat?”

Paul say, “Dass right.”

28 Den da main captain wen say, “I wen pay plenny money fo get da same rights jalike one Rome guy.”

Paul say, “But I wen born wit da same rights jalike one Rome guy.” 29 Right den an dea da guys dat wen start fo make him talk wen go outside. Da main captain, he come scared wen he wen know dat he wen tie up Paul wit chains, an Paul one guy dat get da same rights jalike one Rome guy.

Paul In Front Da Main Leadas

30 Da nex day da main captain wen like find out fo real kine, why da Jewish guys wen poin finga at Paul. He wen let him go outa jail, an tell da main priest guys an all da main leada guys fo come togedda. Den he wen bring Paul, an put him in front dem.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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