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Jesus Guys 18 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Inside Corint

18 Afta dat Paul wen go way from Athens an wen go Corint. Ova dea he wen come by one Jewish guy name Aquila. He from Pontus, an he jus wen come from Italy wit his wife Priscilla. Cesar Claudius da Big King wen tell all da Jewish peopo fo get outa Rome town, az why. Paul wen go an talk wit dem. Paul make tents, an Aquila an Priscilla wen make um too, so he wen stay wit dem an work wit dem. Every Rest Day he talk plenny wit da Jewish peopo an da peopo dat not Jewish inside da Jewish church fo try help um trus da Good Stuff Bout Jesus.

Silas an Timoty wen come from Macedonia. An den Paul wen ony talk to da Jewish peopo everytime. He tell um da Good Stuff Bout Jesus, dat he da Spesho Guy God Wen Send. But wen da Jewish guys wen stand up agains Paul an wen talk bad to him, he wen shake out his clotheses fo show he wen had it wit dem, an wen tell um, “You guys get da blame if you guys goin be cut off from God! I no mo da blame fo dat. Now I goin go talk wit da peopo dat not Jews.” Den he wen go way from da Jewish church, an wen go nex door, da house wea one guy name Titius Justus live. Dat guy, he get plenny respeck fo God. Crispus, he da leada guy fo da Jewish church. Him an all his ohana wen trus da Boss Jesus. An had plenny peopo from Corint dat wen hear Paul an trus Jesus too, an wen get baptize.

One nite Paul wen see someting jalike one dream. Da Boss Jesus wen tell him, “No need be scared. No give up telling da Good Stuff. 10 Cuz I stay wit you, an nobody goin hurt you. Plenny peopo from dis town, dey stay mines.” 11 So Paul wen stay ova dea an wen teach um wat God wen say fo one year an a half.

12 Wen Gallio stay governa fo Akaia, da Jews wen gang up on Paul an wen take him in front da governa. 13 Da Jews wen tell da governa, “Dis guy, he stay make da peopo go down an pray to God da way dat stay agains our Rules.”

14 Paul wen start fo talk, but Governa Gallio wen tell da Jews, “If you Jewish guys wen squawk bout someting dat stay wrong o some crime, den dass good fo me fo listen to you guys. 15 But you guys squawk bout how da guy talk, an names, an yoa own rules. So you guys make um right yoaself. I no goin judge dat kine stuff.” 16 An he wen tell his guys fo throw um outside da place. 17 Den da Jewish guys wen grab Sostenes, da Jewish church leada guy, an wen bus um up in front da governa. But Gallio neva care bout dat.

Paul Go Back To Antiok

18 Paul wen stay Corint long time. Den he wen go way from da bruddas an wen sail Syria side. Priscilla an Aquila wen go wit him. Befo Paul wen sail, he cut off his hair inside Kenkrea, cuz he wen make one promise fo do someting. 19 Dey wen come Efesus, an Paul wen go way from Priscilla an Aquila. Paul wen go inside da Jewish church, an wen talk to da Jewish peopo fo help um trus da Good Stuff Bout Jesus. 20 Dey wen tell him fo stay ova dea some moa, but he neva like. 21 Wen he stay going, he wen promise dem, “I goin come back if az wat God like.” Den he wen sail from Efesus.

22 Wen Paul wen come Cesarea, he wen go show face to da church guys. Den he wen go Antiok. 23 He wen stay Antiok long time. Den he wen go all ova Galatia an Frygia, an wen kokua da peopo dat stay tight wit Jesus.

Apollos Stay Inside Efesus An Corint

24 One Jewish guy name Apollos wen come to Efesus. He from Alexandria. He one guy dat wen go school long time, an he know plenny stuff from da Bible. 25 Befo time odda bruddas wen teach him bout da Boss Jesus, an da way he wen talk, everybody know he tink dass importan. He wen teach da right way bout Jesus. But he ony know bout da guy Johnʼs baptism. 26 He wen start fo talk wit power inside da Jewish church. Wen Priscilla an Aquila hear him, dey tell him fo come dea house. An dey teach him bout Jesus way mo betta. 27 Apollos wen like go Akaia, an da bruddas wen kokua him. Dey wen write one letta fo da bruddas an sistas ova dea, so dey goin give Apollos dea aloha. Wen he go ova dea, he wen help da peopo dat wen trus God cuz God wen do plenny good tings fo dem. 28 An he wen talk wit plenny power to da Jewish guys in front all da peopo. He show um proof from da Bible dat Jesus, he da Spesho Guy God Wen Send.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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