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Jesus Guys 14 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Inside Iconium

14 Now, in Iconium Paul an Barnabas wen go inside da Jewish church jalike dey everytime go. Wat dey wen say inside dea stay right on, an plenny Jewish peopo an peopo dat not Jews wen trus da Good Stuff Bout Jesus. But da Jewish peopo dat neva like trus um, dey wen talk to da guys dat not Jews an wen turn um agains Paul an Barnabas guys. Paul an Barnabas stay dea long time, an dey no scared fo talk fo da Boss Up Dea. Dey say dat da Boss get aloha fo do plenny good tings fo da peopo. Da Boss wen show da peopo dat wat Paul an Barnabas say, stay true, cuz he wen give um da power fo do all kine awesome stuff fo show who dem. So some peopo inside Iconium wen stick wit da guys Jesus wen send, an da odda peopo wen stick wit da Jewish guys. An da peopo inside da town wen come half half.

Da guys dat not Jews an da Jewish guys an dea leadas wen talk togedda, how dey can make any kine to dem an kill um wit stones. Wen da guys Jesus wen send wen hear dat, dey wen beat it to Lystra an Derbe towns, Lycaonia side, an all da place aroun dea. Dey wen tell all da Good Stuff From God ova dea too.

Lystra An Derbe

Had one guy inside Lystra dat no can walk. He wen born lidat. He wen listen to Paul wen he was telling da Good Stuff Bout Jesus. An Paul wen look him in da eye, an know dat da guy trus dat he can come good. 10 So Paul tell um real loud, “Stand up!” An da guy wen jump up, an walk. 11 Wen all da peopo see wat Paul wen do, dey yell in Lycaonia talk, “Da gods wen come down by us, an dey look jalike peopo!” 12 Dey wen name Barnabas “Da god Zeus,” an Paul “Da god Hermes,” cuz he da talka guy. 13 Da priest guy fo Zeus, dat get one temple outside da town, he wen bring cows an leis by da gate fo da town, cuz all da peopo wen like make sacrifice fo Barnabas an Paul.

14 Wen Jesus guys Barnabas an Paul wen know wat da peopo trying fo do, dey wen rip dea clotheses fo show az wrong wat da peopo doing, an wen run inside da middle a da peopo, an yelling, 15 “Auwe! How come you guys stay doing all dis? We stay peopo too, jalike you guys. We bring da Good Stuff From God fo tell you guys. We say you guys gotta turn away from all dis no good stuff, an turn to da God dat stay alive. He da God dat wen make da sky, da earth, an da sea, an everyting inside um. 16 Befo time he wen let all da diffren peopos inside da world do any kine dey like. 17 But he wen show dem who him. Cuz he wen do good stuff fo dem. He wen give you guys rain from da sky, an plenny fruit fo cut food time. He wen give you guys plenny food fo eat an make you guys stay real good inside.” 18 Wen Paul say dat, all da peopo wen try mo hard fo make sacrifice fo dem.

19 Den some Jewish guys wen come from Antiok, Pisidia side, an from Iconium, an dey wen talk da peopo to ova dea side. Dass why dey wen throw stones at Paul, an wen drag him outside da town, cuz dey tink he stay mahke. 20 But da guys dat stay tight wit Jesus wen come aroun Paul, an he wen stand up, an go back inside da town. Da nex day Paul an Barnabas wen go Derbe town.

Dey Come Back Antiok, Syria Side

21 Paul an Barnabas wen tell da Good Stuff From God Derbe town, an plenny peopo wen learn bout Jesus an come his guys. Den dey wen go back Lystra town, an Iconium, an Antiok. 22 Dey wen give good kine words to da peopo dat stay tight wit Jesus, fo help um stick wit da Good Stuff Bout Jesus so dey can trus Jesus. Dey say, “We gotta suffa plenny befo we see God come our King.” 23 Paul an Barnabas wen pick some guys fo be da older leadas, every place wea da peopo stay come togedda fo church. Dey wen pray an no eat, an aks da Boss fo take care da older leadas, cuz he da one dey stay trus.

24 Den dey wen go da odda side Pisidia, an come Pamfylia. 25 An dey wen tell wat God say Perga town, an den wen go Attalia. 26 Den dey wen sail back from Attalia, an come Antiok. Dass wea dey wen start befo time, wen da bruddas wen aks God fo take care dem an show dem his aloha. Cuz now dey wen pau do all da stuff dey wen tink fo do.

27 Wen dey come ova dea, dey tell all da church peopo fo come togedda, an dey tell um all da stuff God wen help um fo do, an how God wen let da peopo dat not Jews trus da Good Stuff too. 28 An dey stay long time ova dea wit da peopo dat stay tight wit Jesus.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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