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Jesus Guys 13 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Jesus Guys Pick Barnabas An Saul An Send Um All Ova

13 Had guys dat wen talk fo God an guys dat wen teach wit da church guys in Antiok: Barnabas, Simeon da Black guy, Lucius from Cyrene, Manaen (da guy dat wen grow up wit King Herod), an Saul. Wen dese guys stay tanking God, an no eating food so dey can pray, Godʼs Spesho Spirit wen say, “Pick Barnabas an Saul, an make dem spesho fo me, fo do da stuff I like um fo do.” Afta dey all wen skip food an pray, dey wen put dea hands on top Barnabas an Saul, an wen send um all ova.

Inside Cyprus

So Godʼs Spesho Spirit wen send Saul an Barnabas, an dey wen go Seleucia, an sail from dea to Cyprus. Wen dey come Salamis, dey wen tell wat God say inside da Jewish churches. John Mark wen stay wit dem, an help um wit dea work.

Dey wen go thru Cyprus Island to Pafos on da odda side. Ova dea dey wen meet one Jewish kahuna guy name Bar-Jesus. He wen say he talk fo God, but he neva. He one helpa guy fo da governa, Sergius Paulus. Da governa, he one akamai guy. He send one guy fo tell Barnabas an Saul fo come, cuz he like hear wat God say. But Bar-Jesus, da kahuna guy, “Elymas” his name in Greek talk, he neva like wat Saul an Barnabas say, an he wen try turn da governa away so he no trus God. Den Saul, da guy dey wen name Paul too, Godʼs Spesho Spirit wen stay in charge a him. He wen look Elymas in da eye, an say, 10 “You one a da Devilʼs kids, an you hate all da stuff dat stay right! You bulai to da max, an fool all da peopo. Everytime you try change da true stuff from da Boss Up Dea. 11 Now da Boss goin punish you an make you blind fo now, so you no can see da sun.”

Right den an dea da mist an da dark wen cover his eyes, an he wen go all ova da place, an wen try find one guy fo lead him by da hand. 12 Wen da governa see dat, he trus da Good Stuff Bout Jesus, cuz wat da guys wen teach bout da Boss Up Dea wen blow his mind.

In Antiok, Pisidia Side

13 Paul an da guys dat wen go wit him wen sail from Pafos to Perga, Pamfylia side. Ova dea John Mark wen go way from dem, an go back Jerusalem. 14 Paul an Barnabas, dey go from Perga to Antiok, Pisidia side. On da Rest Day dey wen go inside da Jewish church an wen sit down. 15 Da Jewish leadas wen read from Godʼs Rules, an from wat da guys dat wen talk fo God befo time wen write down inside da Bible. Den dey wen send guys fo tell Paul dem, “Bruddas, if you get someting fo say fo kokua da peopo, try tell us.” 16 Paul wen stand up an wen wave his hand, an say, “You Israel peopo an you peopo dat not Jews dat get love an respeck fo God, listen to me! 17 Da God fo da Israel peopo wen pick our ancesta guys an wen do plenny fo dem wen dey stay Egypt side. He wen lead um outa dat place wit his strong power, 18 an he wen put up wit da stuff dey wen do fo forty years inside da boonies. 19 He wipe out seven peopos Canaan side, an wen give dea land to his own peopo jalike one fadda give land to his boy. 20 All dat wen happen fo bout four hundred fifty years.

“Afta dat, God wen give um local leada guys, till Samuel, da guy dat wen talk fo God, wen come. 21 Den da peopo wen like get one king, an God wen give um Saul, Kishʼs boy, from Benjamin ohana. An Saul wen stay king fo forty years. 22 Den God wen take Saul away, an make David dea king. God wen say bout David, ‘I wen see David, Jesseʼs boy. He da kine guy dat make me stay good inside. He do all da kine stuff I like him fo do.’

23 “From Davidʼs ohana, God wen bring Jesus, da One dat can take da Israel peopo outa da bad kine stuff dey do, jalike he wen promise. 24 Befo Jesus wen come, John Da Baptiza Guy wen teach all da Israel peopo dat dey gotta come sorry fo all da bad kine stuff dey stay do, an get baptize. 25 Wen John pau do all da stuff he wen come fo do, he wen tell da peopo, ‘Who you tink me? I not Godʼs Spesho Guy. Godʼs Spesho Guy goin come afta me. I no stay good nuff fo even do manini kine stuff fo him like help him take off his slippas.’ ”

26 Den Paul say, “My bruddas, you Abrahamʼs kids, an all da guys dat not Jews dat get respeck fo God, God wen send all us guys da Good Stuff dat can take us outa da bad kine stuff we do. 27 Da peopo inside Jerusalem an dea leadas, dey neva know who Jesus. Dey neva undastan wat da guys dat wen talk fo God wen write down, no matta dey read um inside dea Jewish churches every Rest Day. So wat dey wen do, dey wen make all da stuff da Bible wen say come true, cuz dey wen poin finga Jesus. 28 Dey neva find notting wrong dat he gotta mahke, but dey wen tell Pilate fo kill um. 29 Wen dey wen kill Jesus, wen happen jalike da Bible wen say. An afta, dey wen take him down from da cross an wen put him inside one tomb. 30 But God, he wen make him come back alive from mahke. 31 An fo plenny days da guys dat wen go wit him befo from Galilee to Jerusalem, dey wen see him. Now, dey da guys dat tell all dis stuff to da Jewish peopo.

32 “We stay tell you guys da Good Stuff From God. He wen promise our ancesta guys dat he goin do someting, 33 an now he wen do um fo us, dea kids. Dass why he wen bring Jesus back alive from mahke, jalike dey wen write down inside da Song Fo God, Numba Two:

‘Today I tell
    Dat you my Boy!’

34 God wen tell dat he goin bring Christ back alive from mahke, an Christ no goin mahke again an his body come rotten. He tell Christ,

‘I goin give you plenny a my good an spesho stuff dat stay fo real,
Jalike I wen promise David.’

35 An David tell God dis inside one nodda place inside da Bible,

‘You no goin let da guy dat stay good an spesho fo you mahke again
    An his body come rotten.’

36 David, he wen work fo do wat God like wen he wen stay alive, an den he wen mahke. Dey wen bury him wit his ancesta guys, an his body wen come rotten. 37 But Jesus, da Guy God wen bring back from mahke, he neva mahke again an his body neva come rotten. 38 My bruddas, dass why I like you guys know dis stuff. Cuz a Jesus, we tell you guys dat God can let you guys go, an hemo yoa shame fo all da bad kine stuff you wen do. 39 Da Rules Moses wen write down no can take away dat bad stuff an make you guys get um right wit God. But all da peopo dat trus Jesus, dey goin get um right wit God awready. Watch out dat da bad stuff no happen to you guys dat da guys dat wen talk fo God befo time wen say,

‘Watch out, you guys dat make fun a wat God say,
    Tink bout dis real good an wipe out.
Cuz I goin do someting now
    Wen you guys stay alive,
Someting you guys no goin believe,
    No matta somebody tell um to you guys.’ ”

Dass wat Paul wen tell um.

42 Den Paul an Barnabas wen go way from da Jewish church. Da peopo tell um fo talk mo bout dis stuff da nex Rest Day. 43 Wen da peopo go way from da Jewish church, plenny Jewish guys an guys dat wen come jalike Jews wen go wit Paul an Barnabas. Dey wen talk to dose guys, an wen tell um fo stay tight wit da God dat do so plenny good tings fo dem.

44 Da nex Rest Day almos all da peopo inside da town wen come fo hear Paul tell wat da Boss Up Dea say. 45 Wen da Jewish guys wen see all da peopo dey wen come jealous, an wen talk any kine bout da stuff Paul wen say. 46 But Paul an Barnabas, dey no scared. Dey tell um, “First, we gotta tell you guys wat God say. But cuz you guys no trus um, an you no tink you stay good nuff fo get da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva, now we goin go by da peopo dat not Jews. 47 Cuz dis wat da Boss wen tell us fo do,

‘I wen make you guys jalike one light
    Fo da diffren peopos dat not Jews,
So dat you can tell all da peopo all ova da world
    Dat I can take dem outa da bad kine stuff dey do.’ ”

48 Wen da peopo dat not Jews wen hear dat, dey wen come good inside, an say good stuff bout wat da Boss wen say. An da peopo dat God wen pick fo get da real kine life dat stay to da max foeva, dey wen trus him.

49 Paul dem wen go all ova dat side an tell wat God say. 50 Inside da town had high class wahines dat was religious, an had da leada guys fo da town. Da Jewish guys wen talk stink to dem bout Paul an Barnabas, so dose peopo wen start fo make Paul an Barnabas suffa, an den dey wen throw um outa dat place. 51 So Paul an Barnabas wen shake da dirt from dea feet, fo show da peopo dea dat dey wen had it wit dem, cuz dey no listen. Den dey wen go Iconium side. 52 Da guys dat wen stay tight wit Jesus wen come real good inside, an Godʼs Spesho Spirit stay in charge a dem.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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