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Jesus Guys 12 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Jesus Peopo Suffa Moa

12 Az was bout dis time dat King Herod wen bus some a da church peopo fo make um suffa. He make his guys kill Johnʼs brudda James, wit one sword. Wen he wen know dat wen make da Jewish peopo stay good inside, he wen bus Peter too. Dis wen happen wen da Jewish peopo was making da spesho religious time fo da Bread Dat No Mo Yeast. Afta he bus Peter, he put um inside jail, an put sixteen security guards dea so dey can watch um. Herod wen tink fo bring Peter in front da judge an all da peopo afta da Passova. So Peter wen stay inside da jail, but all da church peopo wen pray real hard fo him.

Peter Come Outa Jail

Da nite befo dey goin go bring Peter in front da judge, he was sleeping. He was all tie up wit two chains, an he had one guard on da left side an one guy on da right side. An odda guards, dey standing by da door. Right den an dea one angel messenja guy from da Boss Up Dea wen show up, an one light wen shine inside da place. Da angel guy wen shake Peter on da side an wake um up. He say, “Hurry up! Stand up!” An da chains wen fall down from Peterʼs hands. Den da angel guy wen tell um, “Put on yoa odda clotheses an yoa slippas.” An Peter wen do um. Den da angel guy say, “Put on yoa coat an come wit me.” Peter wen go wit him outside da jail, but he neva know if was fo real wat da angel guy doing. He wen tink he stay seeing someting jalike one dream. 10 Dey wen pass by da first guard, an da nex guard, an wen come by one iron gate dat take dem outa da jail fo go inside Jerusalem. Da gate wen open all by itself fo dem, an dey wen go inside Jerusalem. Afta dey wen walk down one street, den da angel guy wen go way.

11 Den Peter wen figga wat wen happen, an he tink, “Now I know I no stay dreaming! Dis fo real! Da Boss Up Dea wen send his angel guy fo take me away from King Herodʼs power, an from all da stuff da Jewish peopo wen tink fo do to me.”

12 Wen Peter figga dis, he come by Maryʼs house. She John Markʼs mudda. Plenny peopo wen go ova dea fo pray. 13 Peter wen knock on da gate, an one helpa girl name Rhoda wen go fo see who stay dea. 14 Wen she hear Peterʼs voice, she wen come plenny good inside, an den she wen run back da house, but neva open da gate. She say, “Eh! Peter stay by da gate!” 15 Dey wen say, “You pupule!” But she still stay telling um, “He stay outside fo real!” Den dey say, “Nah! Must be his angel guy!”

16 But Peter still stay knocking on da gate, an wen dey wen open da gate an see um, dea jaws wen drop. 17 Peter wen wave his hand fo dem fo no talk, an he wen tell um dat da Boss Up Dea wen bring him outside da jail. He say, “Go tell da odda James an all da bruddas bout dis.” An den he wen go one nodda place.

18 In da morning, wen get one big noise wit da guards. Dey tell, “Eh, wat happen? Wea da guy Peter stay?” 19 Dey go tell King Herod, an he wen tell um fo look all ova fo him. But dey no can find um. Herod wen aks da guards dat was watching Peter wat wen happen. Den he wen tell da odda guys fo kill da guards.

Latas King Herod wen go from Judea to Cesarea, an wen stay ova dea litto wile.

King Herod Mahke

20 King Herod wen stay huhu wit da peopo Tyre side an Sidon side. So dey all wen come fo talk wit Herod. Da peopo wen come friends wit Blastus, Herodʼs helpa guy, an he wen help um so dey can talk to Herod. Dey wen like make friends wit King Herod, cuz dea food stay come from him.

21 Da day wen come, an Herod wen wear his fancy kingʼs clotheses. He sit down on top his throne, an wen make one big talk to da peopo. 22 Da peopo wen yell, “Dis one god talking, not one guy talking!” 23 But King Herod neva say notting. So right den an dea, cuz Herod neva talk good bout God an tank him, one angel guy from da Boss Up Dea wen wack him, an da worms wen eat um, an he wen mahke.

24 Den mo an mo peopo all ova da place wen trus wat God say.

25 Wen Barnabas an Saul wen do all da stuff God wen send um fo do, dey wen come back Antiok from Jerusalem. An dey wen bring John Mark wit dem.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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