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Even the storks in the ·sky [heavens]
    know ·the right times to do things [their appointed times].
The ·doves [turtledoves], ·swifts [or swallows], and ·thrushes [or cranes]
    ·know [observe] when it is time to ·migrate [return].
But my people don’t know
    ·what the Lord wants them to do [L the ordinances/judgments of the Lord].

“‘·You keep saying [L How can you say…?], “We are wise,
    ·because we have the teachings of the Lord [L and the teachings/laws/instructions of the Lord are with us].”
But actually, ·those who explain the Scriptures
    have written lies with their pens [L the false pens of the scribes have made it a lie].
These wise teachers ·refused to listen to [L rejected] the word of the Lord,
    so ·they are not really wise at all [L what wisdom is in them?].
They will be ·ashamed [humiliated].
    They will be ·shocked [stunned; astonished] and trapped.

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