31 And they have built the high place of [a]Tophet, which is in the valley of Ben-Hinnom to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire, which I [b]commanded them not, neither came it in mine heart.

32 Therefore behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that it shall no more be called Tophet, nor the valley of Ben-Hinnom, but the valley of slaughter: for they shall bury in Tophet till there be no place.

33 And the carcasses of this people shall be meat for the fowls of the heaven, and for the beasts of the earth, and none shall fray them away.

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  1. Jeremiah 7:31 Of Tophet, read 2 Kings 23:10.
  2. Jeremiah 7:31 But commanded the contrary, as Lev. 18:21 and 20:3; Deut. 18:10.