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57 I, the Lord All-Powerful,
    the true King, promise
that the officials and advisors,
the governors and leaders
    and the soldiers of Babylon
will get drunk, fall asleep,
    and never wake up.
58 The thick walls of that city
will be torn down,
    and its huge gates burned.
Everything that nation
worked so hard to gain
    will go up in smoke.

Jeremiah Gives Seraiah a Scroll

59 During Zedekiah’s[a] fourth year as king of Judah, he went to Babylon. And Baruch’s brother Seraiah[b] went along as the officer in charge of arranging for places to stay overnight.[c]

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  1. 51.59 Zedekiah’s: See the note at 1.3.
  2. 51.59 Baruch’s brother Seraiah: Hebrew “Seraiah son of Neriah and grandson of Mahseiah”; Baruch helped Jeremiah write down his messages (see 32.12; 36.4-10).
  3. 51.59 arranging for places to stay overnight: Hebrew and one ancient translation; two ancient translations, “the tax money.”