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30 The strong men of Babylon ceased of battle, they dwelled in strongholds; the strength of them is devoured, and they be made as women; the tabernacles thereof be burnt, the bars thereof be all-broken. (The strong men of Babylon ceased from battle, they lived in strongholds; their strength is devoured, and they be made like women; its buildings be burned down, its bars, or its locks, all be broken.)

31 A runner shall come to meet a runner, and a messenger (shall come) to meet a messenger, to tell to the king of Babylon, that his city is taken from the one end till to the tother end;

32 and the forths be before-occupied, and the marishes be burnt with fire, and the men warriors be troubled. (and the fords, that is, the crossings, be occupied, or be seized, and the marshes be burned down, and the warriors be troubled.)

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