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12 Lift up the battle standard[a] against Babylon’s walls.
    Strengthen the guard;
        post watchmen.[b]
Set men in position for an ambush.
    For the Lord will both plan and carry out what he has
        declared against the inhabitants of Babylon.
13 You who live beside many waters,
    rich in treasures,
your end has come,
    your life thread is cut.[c]
14 The Lord of the Heavenly Armies
    has sworn by himself:
“I’ll surely fill you with soldiers[d] like a swarm of locusts,
    and they’ll sing songs of victory over you.”

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  1. Jeremiah 51:12 I.e. Give the signal to attack
  2. Jeremiah 51:12 Or guards
  3. Jeremiah 51:13 Or the measure of your unjust gain
  4. Jeremiah 51:14 Lit. men

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