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Jeremiah 50:43-45 Expanded Bible (EXB)

43 The king of Babylon heard ·about those armies [L the news/report],
    and ·he became helpless with fear [L his hands grew slack/feeble].
Distress has gripped him.
    His pain is like that of a woman ·giving birth to a baby [in labor; 6:22–24].

44 “Like a lion coming up from the thick bushes near the Jordan River
    to attack a ·strong pen for sheep [or perennial pastures],
I will suddenly chase them away [C people of Babylon from their land].
    Who is the one I have ·chosen [appointed] to do this?
·There is no one [L Who is…?] like me,
    ·no one who [L Who…?] can take me to court.
·None of their leaders [L Who is the shepherd who…?] can stand up against me [49:19].”

45 So listen to ·what the Lord has planned to do against Babylon [L counsel/advice of the Lord].
    Listen to ·what he has decided to do to [L his plans against] the people in the city of Babylon.
He will surely drag away the young of the flock [C the youth of Babylon].
    Their ·hometowns [L pasture] will surely be shocked at what happens to them.

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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