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Jeremiah 50:41-43 The Voice (VOICE)

41 Eternal One: Look in the distance and you will see an army
        marching toward you out of the north.
    A nation of many kings whose size and might you can’t imagine
        is now awakening and coming from the remote parts of the earth.
42     They are armed with bows and spears;
        their hearts are cruel and will show you no mercy.
    The sound of their massive army, riding in on their horses,
        is like the sound of an angry sea;
    They are ready for battle, marching in formation,
        coming to destroy you, O daughter of Babylon.
43     The king of Babylon has received the news about them,
        and his hands fall to his side, weak and helpless—
    Distress has gripped him so,
        like a woman in the agony of giving birth.

The Voice (VOICE)

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