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    In that day—oracle of the Lord
The king will lose heart, and the princes;
    the priests will be horrified,
    and the prophets stunned.
10 “Ah! Lord God,” they will say,
    “You really did deceive[a] us
When you said: You shall have peace,
    while the sword was at our very throats.”(A)
11 At that time it will be said
    to this people and to Jerusalem,
A scorching wind from the bare heights comes
    through the wilderness toward my daughter, the people.[b]
Not to winnow, not to cleanse,

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  1. 4:10 You really did deceive: Jeremiah complains that the Lord misled the people by fostering their complacency, leaving them unprepared and unrepentant as judgment approaches.
  2. 4:11 My daughter, the people: the covenant people personified as a young woman. Ezekiel 16 presents Israel and Judah as female infants whom the Lord adopts and then abandons and punishes because they desire other lords.

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