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A lion has come out of his ·den [lair; thicket; 2:15];
    a destroyer of nations has begun to march.
He has left his ·home [L place]
    to ·destroy [L set destruction in] your land.
Your towns will be ·destroyed [devastated]
    with no one left to live in them.
So put on ·rough cloth [sackcloth; burlap; C mourning clothes],
    ·show how sad you are [lament; mourn], and ·cry loudly [wail].
The ·terrible [fierce] anger of the Lord
    has not turned away from us.

“·When this happens [L In that day],” says the Lord,
    “the ·king and officers will lose their courage [L heart of king and officers/princes will fail].
The priests will be ·terribly afraid [desolate],
    and the prophets will be ·shocked [stunned; appalled]!”

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