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28 Because of this the earth will mourn,
    and the heavens above will become dark.
Because I have spoken, I have planned,
    and I have not relented, and I will not turn back from it.”
29 From the sound of a horseman and an archer[a] every town flees,
    they enter in the thickets and among the rocks they climb.
Every town is forsaken,
    and there is no person who lives in them.
30 And you, O devastated one, what do you do,
    that you put on crimson,
that you adorn yourself with ornaments of gold,
    that you make your eyes look bigger with the eye make-up?
In vain you beautify yourself.
    Your lovers reject you;
    they seek your life.

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  1. Jeremiah 4:29 Literally “one who shoots arrows of a bow”