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28 So the people in the land will ·cry loudly [mourn; wail],
    and the ·sky [L heavens above] will grow dark [Is. 13:10; 34:4; Zech. 14:6; Mark 13:24–25],
because I have spoken and made a decision.
    I will not change my mind; I will not turn back.”

29 At the sound of the horsemen and the archers,
    all the people in the towns ·run away [flee].
They ·hide [L go] in the thick bushes
    and climb up into the rocks.
All of the cities of Judah are ·empty [abandoned; forsaken];
    no one lives in them.
30 You destroyed nation [C Judah], what are you doing?
    Why do you put on ·scarlet [purple; C an expensive dress]
    and decorate yourself with gold jewelry?
Why do you ·put color around your eyes [L enlarge your eyes with black eye paint]?
    You make yourself beautiful, ·but it is all useless [in vain; without purpose].
Your lovers ·hate [despise; reject] you;
    they ·want to kill you [L seek your life].

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