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The day has come
    to destroy all the Philistines.
The time has come to remove all those
    who could help Tyre and Sidon.
I am about to destroy the Philistines.
    I will not leave anyone alive
    who came from the coasts of Crete.
The people of Gaza will be so sad
    they will shave their heads.
    And Ashkelon’s people will be silent.
You who remain on the plain,
    how long will you cut yourselves?

“ ‘Sword of the Lord!’ you cry out.
    ‘How long will it be until you rest?
Return to the place you came from.
    Stop killing us! Be still!’

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For the day has come
    to destroy all the Philistines
and to remove all survivors
    who could help Tyre(A) and Sidon.(B)
The Lord is about to destroy the Philistines,(C)
    the remnant from the coasts of Caphtor.[a](D)
Gaza will shave(E) her head in mourning;
    Ashkelon(F) will be silenced.
You remnant on the plain,
    how long will you cut(G) yourselves?

“‘Alas, sword(H) of the Lord,
    how long till you rest?
Return to your sheath;
    cease and be still.’(I)

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  1. Jeremiah 47:4 That is, Crete

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