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Jeremiah 46:20-22 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

20 Egypt is a shapely cow calf, and fair (and beautiful); (but) a pricker from the north shall come to it.

21 Also the hired men thereof, that lived as calves made fat in the midst thereof, be turned, and fled (away) together, and might not stand; for the day of (the) slaying of them shall come on them, the time of the visiting of them. (And its hired men, who lived like calves made fat in its midst, shall turn, and flee away together, and they shall not stand; for the day of their slaughter hath come upon them, the time of their punishment.)

22 The voice of them shall sound as of brass, for they shall hasten with (a) host, and with axes they shall come to it. As men cutting down trees, (The voice of Egypt shall hiss like a snake, but the enemy shall make haste with their host, and shall come against them with axes. Yea, like men cutting down trees,)


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