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12 and I shall take the remnants of Judah, that setted their faces, to go into the land of Egypt, and to dwell there; and (they) all shall be wasted in the land of Egypt, they shall fall down by sword, and shall be wasted in hunger (and shall be wasted by hunger), from the least unto the most, (yea,) they shall die by sword and (by) hunger, and (they) shall be into swearing, and into miracle, or wonder, and into cursing, and into shame.

13 And I shall visit on the dwellers of Egypt, as I visited on Jerusalem, in sword, and in hunger, and in pestilence. (And I shall punish those who live in Egypt, like I have punished those who be in Jerusalem, with the sword, and with hunger, and with pestilence.)

14 And none shall be, that shall escape, and be [the] residue of the remnants of (the) Jews, that go to be pilgrims in the land of Egypt, and to turn again to the land of Judah, to which they raise [up] their souls, that they turn again, and dwell there; they shall not turn again thither, no but they that fled. (And none of the remnants of the Jews, who went down to the land of Egypt as visitors, shall escape, and return to the land of Judah, to which they raise up their souls, that they should return, and live there; yea, they shall not return there, no but only the few who have already fled there.)

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