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10 And thou shalt say to them, The Lord of hosts, God of Israel, saith these things, Lo! I shall send (for), and I shall take (in hand) Nebuchadnezzar, my servant, the king of Babylon; and I shall set his throne on these stones, which I [have] hid; and he shall set his seat on those stones (yea, he shall set his throne upon these stones).

11 And he shall come, and smite the land of Egypt (and shall strike the land of Egypt), (those) which in(to) death into death, and (those) which in(to) captivity into captivity, and (those) which in(to) sword into sword.

12 And he shall kindle (a) fire in the temples of [the] gods of Egypt, and he shall burn those temples, and shall lead them prisoners, (that is, he shall carry off the gods of those temples as prey); and the land of Egypt shall be wrapped, as a shepherd is wrapped in his mantle; and he shall go out from thence in peace.

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