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Jeremiah 40:2-4 New English Translation (NET Bible)

The captain of the royal guard took Jeremiah aside and said to him, “The Lord your God threatened this place with this disaster. Now he has brought it about. The Lord has done just as he threatened to do. This disaster has happened because you people sinned against the Lord and did not obey him.[a] But now, Jeremiah, today I will set you free[b] from the chains on your wrists. If you would like to come to Babylon with me, come along and I will take care of you.[c] But if you prefer not to come to Babylon with me, you are not required to do so.[d] You are free to go anywhere in the land you want to go.[e] Go wherever you choose.”[f]


  1. Jeremiah 40:3 tn Heb “Because you [masc. pl.] sinned against the Lord and did not hearken to his voice [a common idiom for “obey him”], this thing has happened to you [masc. pl.].”
  2. Jeremiah 40:4 tn The verb here is an example of the perfect of resolve, where the speaker announces his intention to do something, according to IBHS 488-89 §30.5.1d. The word “Jeremiah” is supplied in the translation to avoid the possible misunderstanding that the you is still plural.
  3. Jeremiah 40:4 tn Or “look out for you.” See 39:12 and the translator’s note there.
  4. Jeremiah 40:4 tn Or “Stay here”; Heb “Forbear.” The imperative is used in a permissive sense: “you may forbear.” See GKC 324 §110.b and compare usage in Gen 50:6.
  5. Jeremiah 40:4 tn Heb “See, all the land [or the whole land] is before you.” For this idiom see BDB 817 s.v. פָּנֶה II.4.a(f) and compare the usage in Gen 20:15; 47:6.
  6. Jeremiah 40:4 tn Heb “Unto good and the right in your eyes to go there, go.”
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