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This is what the Lord says:
“·I was fair to your ancestors,
    so why did they turn away from me? [L What wrong did your ancestors/fathers find in me
    that they removed themselves from me?]
Your ·ancestors [fathers] ·worshiped [L went after] ·useless idols [worthless/meaningless things]
    and became ·useless [worthless; meaningless] themselves.
Your ·ancestors [fathers] didn’t say,
    ‘Where is the Lord who brought us out of Egypt?
He led us through the ·desert [wilderness],
    through a ·dry [barren] and ·rocky [broken] land,
through a dangerous [parched] and dark land.
    He led us where no one ·travels [passes through] or lives.’
I brought you into a ·fertile land [orchard; land of plenty]
    so you could eat its fruit and produce.
But you came and made my land unclean [C in a ritual sense];
    you made ·it [L my inheritance] a ·hateful place [abomination].

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