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29 I am beginning to bring trouble on the city where I have put my Name. You might think you will not be punished. But you will certainly be punished. I am sending war against everyone who lives on earth,” announces the Lord who rules over all.’

30 “Jeremiah, prophesy against them. Tell them,

“ ‘The Lord will roar from heaven like a lion.
    His voice will sound like thunder
    from his holy temple there.
He will roar loudly against his land.
    He will shout like those who stomp on grapes in winepresses.
    He will shout against everyone who lives on earth.
31 The noise of battle will be heard
    from one end of the earth to the other.
    That’s because the Lord will bring charges against the nations.
He will judge every human being.
    He will kill sinful people with his sword,’ ”
    announces the Lord.

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