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19 The burial of a donkey[a] he shall be given,
    dragged forth and cast out
    beyond the gates of Jerusalem.(A)


20 Climb Lebanon and cry out,[b]
    in Bashan lift up your voice;
Cry out from Abarim,
    for all your lovers are crushed.(B)
21 I spoke to you when you were secure,
    but you answered, “I will not listen.”
This has been your way from your youth,
    not to listen to my voice.

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  1. 22:19 The burial of a donkey: no burial at all, except to be cast outside the city as refuse. This prophecy describes the popular feeling toward Jehoiakim rather than the actual circumstances of his burial. According to 2 Kgs 24:5 he was buried with his ancestors in Jerusalem.
  2. 22:20–23 The prophet first bids Jerusalem to scale Lebanon, Bashan, and Abarim, i.e., the highest surrounding mountains to the north, northeast, and southeast, and gaze on the ruin of its lovers, i.e., the false leaders of Judah, called its shepherds (v. 22); cf. 2:8. Jerusalem still stands (v. 23), apparently as secure as the heights of Lebanon, but destruction is to follow (cf. v. 6).