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16 He ·helped [L judged the cause of] those who were poor and needy,
    so everything went well for him.
·That is what it [L Is this not what it…?] means to know ·God [L me],”
    says the Lord.
17 “But ·you only look for and think about [L your eyes and your heart are on]
    what you can get dishonestly.
You are even willing to ·kill innocent people [L pour out innocent blood] to get it.
    You feel free to ·hurt [oppress] people and to steal from them.”

18 So this is what the Lord says to Jehoiakim son of Josiah king of Judah:

“They [C the people of Judah] will not cry [mourn] ·when Jehoiakim dies [L for him],
    saying: ‘·Oh [Woe], my brother,’ or ‘·Oh [Woe], my sister.’
They will not ·cry [mourn] for him, saying:
    ‘·Oh [Woe], master,’ or ‘·Oh [Woe], my king.’

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