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Jeremiah 19:6-8 Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV)

So listen to this. The days are coming, declares the Lord, when people will no longer call this place Topheth or Ben Hinnom, but the Valley of Slaughter.

I will ruin[a] the plans of Judah and Jerusalem in this place. I will make them fall by the sword before their enemies, at the hands of those who seek their lives. I will make their dead bodies food for the birds in the sky and the wild animals in the land. I will make this city desolate, and I will make it a target of contempt. Everyone who passes by will be horrified and scoff because of all its wounds.


  1. Jeremiah 19:7 The Hebrew word baqaq, ruin, sounds like the word baqbuq, jar, in verse 1.
Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV)

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