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Trusting in Humans or God

This is what the Lord says:
“·A curse is placed on [L Cursed are] those who ·trust [have confidence in] other people,
    who ·depend on humans for [L make flesh their] strength,
    who have ·stopped trusting [L turned their heart from] the Lord.
They are like a ·bush [shrub; or juniper] in a ·desert [steppe]
    that ·grows in a land where no one lives [L lives in a salt land where no one lives],
    a ·hot and dry land with bad soil [L parched land in the wilderness].
They don’t ·know about the good things God can give [L see when good comes].

“But the person who ·trusts [has confidence] in the Lord will be blessed.
    ·The Lord will show him that he can be trusted [L …whose trust/confidence is in him].

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