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17 ·I see everything they do [L My eyes are on all their ways]. They ·cannot hide from me the things they do [L are not hidden from me]; their ·sin [iniquity] is not ·hidden [concealed] from my eyes. 18 I will first pay them back twice for ·every one of their sins [L their iniquities and their sins], because they have made my land unclean [C in a ritual sense] with their lifeless idols. They have filled my ·country [inheritance] with their ·hateful idols [L abominations].”

19 Lord, you are my strength and my ·protection [stronghold],
    my ·safe place [refuge] in times of ·trouble [distress].
The nations will come to you from ·all over [L the ends of] the world
    and say, “Our ·ancestors [fathers] ·had [L have inherited] only ·false gods [L lies],
    ·useless [meaningless] idols that didn’t ·help [profit] them.

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