16 Behold, saith the Lord, I will send out many [a]fishers, and they shall fish them, and after will I send out many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain, and from every hill, and out of the caves of the rocks.

17 For mine eyes are upon all their ways: they are not hid from my face, neither is their iniquity hid from mine eyes.

18 And first I will recompense their iniquity and their sin double, because they have defiled my land, and have filled mine inheritance with their filthy [b]carrions and their abominations.

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  1. Jeremiah 16:16 By the fishers and hunters are meant the Babylonians and Chaldeans, who should destroy them in such sort, that if they escaped the one, the other should take them.
  2. Jeremiah 16:18 That is, their sons and daughters, which they offered to Molech.

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